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Changing tires or rims on your vehicle? This is the app for you! TireLab is an advanced, yet VERY easy to use, tire and wheel calculator that allows the manipulation of the multiple dimensions of several tire and wheel combinations. It allows professionals, enthusiasts, and weekend mechanics the ability to examine, compare, and visualize multiple tire and wheel configurations in real time. Features: 1) Calculates, compares, and displays all key tire and wheel data points TIRE - Compatible rim sizes - Diameter - Difference - Distance per revolution (circumference) - Odometer error (difference in odometer) - Radius - Revolutions per mile - Revolutions per kilometer - Section (sidewall) height - Section width (tire width) - Size - Speedometer error (difference in speed) WHEEL - Backspace - Difference - Offset - Lip inset - Size 2) Tire/wheel configuration fitment calculator Provides the user the ability to identify vehicle fitment related issues that may potentially result from different tire and wheel configurations. - Axel/ride height - Brake component clearance - Fender (outside) clearance - Suspension (inside) clearance - Wheelwell clearance 3) Intuitive and easy to navigate interface TireLab provides for the ability to manipulate the key dimensions of both tires and wheels. If you desire to only utilize the tire modeling functionality you need only to adjust the tire measurements. All of the controls will automatically adjust to safe and compatible configuration thresholds. 4) Detailed scaled visual representations View, and compare, detailed representations of tire and wheel configurations. A unique "cutaway view" of the wheel provides the user with the ability to visualize and compare key tire and wheel measurements for multiple configurations. In addition, a unique "tire view" permits the user the ability to visualize and compare scale representations of different tire configurations. 5) Tire compatibility display Provides the user a list of compatible tire sizes and accurately indicates the differences in both tire width and tire diameter. 6) Tire and wheel technical reference Provides the user the ability to view codes, definitions, and technical specifications. -Tire construction -Load Index chart -Load Ranges -Speed Ratings -Tire types -Temperature Grades -Traction Grades -Treadwear Grades 7) Tire and wheel technical glossary Includes an extensive dictionary of tire and wheel technical terminology. 8) Imperial and Metric Full Imperial (standard) and Metric support. All information is displayed in both Imperial and Metric units.