By Kumar Sushant Mangla

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ConfidenceWithBaldie – Boost your Confidence and Build Your Charisma. Welcome to ConfidenceWithBaldie–the app that aims to spearhead in helping you to unleash your most confident self. This app is made for students and professionals who have any fears or insecurities and feel underconfident for the same. Break the false stereotypical Belief Systems and Take the Charge of Your Life. MISSION: Help you Unlock the Confidence that Attracts Abundance and Build the Charisma to Network with Others by becoming a People’s Magnet. Most of the people think that the sole purpose of life is to earn money and once we have enough money, we can improve our personality buy buying expensive things. But Money Can’t Buy Character. It takes years to Build Unshakeable Confidence and become Unapologetically Authentic in whatever you do. We often compare ourselves to others and are always running in a rat race, without realising our own worth. We act like puppets whom anyone can control and become emotionally dependent on others by giving them the control of our life and happiness. This app is a one-stop solution which aims to provide you a number of simple easy to learn Courses, Bundles, Packages and Free Webinars to solve problems in different areas of your life. Learn from the mentors at the comfort of your home by enrolling to the courses with reasonable cost. ConfidenceWithBaldie assures you that you will find your lost identity by focusing on your holistic development. You’ll be able to: • Overcome Your Fears & Embrace Insecurities • Rebuild your Charismatic Personality • Increase Your Productivity • Improve your Fitness & Discipline • Create Killer First Impressions • Look & Feel Stylish • Fluently Communicate & Socialize with Others • Project Charismatic Body Language • Overcome Approach Anxiety • Fearlessly Connect with Opposite Gender • Move On from Breakups & Handle Rejections Self-paced videos with actionable tasks force you to introspect yourself and improve on a daily basis. Interact with the Community and attend the Weekly Inner Circle Live Meetings to further enhance your learning from other creators as well plus collaborate with us and other community members. It doesn’t matter if you are a Novice or a Pro, 10X your Confidence in just 30 days. WHO IS THIS APP FOR? • Anyone who has lost hope in life, think that nothing right will happen, not finding the purpose in life and living life just for the name’s sake. • Anyone who wants to transform themselves inside out, regain their happiness and enjoy life to the fullest. • Anyone who wants abundant flow of opportunities in their life. CORE VALUES: 1. LIBERTY – Be Confident anywhere you go. The other people can give their opinions but the you must have the freedom to take the final decision of your life. 2. NON-JUDGEMENTAL – Humanity before any Religion, Caste, Color, Creed, Sex, Nationality. No Discrimination whatsoever. 3. DO WHAT’S RIGHT – Be your Authentic Honest Self and Follow the Golden Triangle (Learn, Do, Teach). 4. COLOR OUTSIDE LINE – Focus on coming up with solutions rather than focusing on problems. Enhance your Creativity & Expand your Perspective. 5. ALWAYS LEARNING – Keep on Learning at all the stages of your life. Self Education never stops. Don’t bring your ego in between, learn from anyone and everyone. 6. GRATITUDE – Always be Grateful for everything and to everyone (Family, Friends, People, Situations, Universe and most importantly Yourself). Life is unpredictable, and you never know how you are just letting the opportunities go out of your hand and as a result you are losing interest in life. But every day is a new day and we at ConfidenceWithBaldie work towards getting your faith back in yourself and showing you your real most confident self. Change begins at the end of your Comfort Zone. Always remember that Confidence is the Only Accessory you Need, so Own the Moment, Own your Space.