Light Music Technique

Light Music Technique

By Pìob is Ceòl UG (haftungsbeschränkt)


+++BELOW WE PROVIDE YOU WITH INFORMATION ON THE CONTENT OF THIS APP AS WELL AS ITS PRIVACY POLICY+++ We would like to thank Fin Moore for trying and reviewing this app. He commented: "Lots of great information with the app about piping. I really like the part where you have to listen to a note and then say which one it is, as I think it will really help folk if they want to learn things by ear." 'Light Music Technique' will teach you the finger technique common to the ‘light music’ repertoire (e.g. marches, strathspeys, reels, hornpipes and jigs) of the Scottish ‘great Highland bagpipe’ or Irish ‘Warpipe’ as well as the Border/Reel and Scottish smallpipes. Whether you are interested in the fingering of an embellishment, its notation or corresponding terminology – this app teaches you all you want to know providing you with intertwined animation, audio and notation examples. Additional texts complement the multimedia material. Besides transmitting the finger technique itself, this app includes further innovative material. For instance, it extends the scale of the pipes from a nine note (standard scale) to a fourteen note extended scale including the addition of five accidentals. Furthermore, the app introduces you to the important concept of 'beat position'. This innovative approach will enhance your understanding of the music, allowing you to improve your phrasing as it presents you with the rhythmic subtleties of Scottish piping. The beat position of each embellishment is indicated in the notated examples and a metronome, accompanying the audio examples, enhances the learning experience. Several innovative self-testing games allow you to challenge your listening- and notation-skills as well as your understanding of the pipers terminology. A reference section allows you to browse all of the content of the app by the pipers' terminology. The chanter recordings have been made with a Deger chanter played by Allan MacDonald. +++PRIVACY POLICY+++ The app “Light Music Technique“ is published by Pìob is Ceòl UG (haftungsbeschränkt). The app is subject to the regulations of the respective app-store.  Our app does not collect personal data. Consequently, we cannot – and have no desire to – pass on any personal data of any user to third parties. Furthermore the app does not use any tracking tools. The app only uses the memory of your device to save the highscores you achieve in the learning games the app provides. Purchasing this app, especially the transfer of your financial data for the purchase process, is subject to the regulations of your provider. Your personal data required for the purchase and the installation of the app will not be processed by us but only by your provider. You can find its privacy policy here:
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