Bagpipe Basics

Bagpipe Basics

By Pìob is Ceòl UG (haftungsbeschränkt)


+++BELOW YOU WILL FIND INFORMATION ON THE CONTENT OF THE APP AS WELL AS ITS PRIVACY POLICY+++ +++ You want to know how to start leaning how to play the bagpipes in the simplest way imaginable? Or you are a musician who wants to simply know the bagpipe scale and how it relates to your own instrument? 'Bagpipe Basics' teaches you the fundamentals of the Scottish great Highland bagpipe, Irish Warpipe or ‘píob mhòr’ (Gaelic pronunciation included in the app). You will learn its fingering, basic notation and how to play the scale. Chanter animations in combination with the stave as well as the terminology used by pipers will guide you from one melody note to the next. Furthermore, two games allow you to challenge what you have learned: You can train your ear with the listening-skills tool and quiz yourself on the finger positions of the bagpipe chanter with reference to their notation. In this way it focuses on the music with the minimum of language input in an entertaining and highly efficient manner. 'Bagpipe Basics' was compiled by the pipers Allan MacDonald of Glenuig (Scotland) and Thomas Zöller (Germany). You can contact the authors directly via email through the app. 'Bagpipe Basics' includes: * Animation of the scale (Beginner) * A quiz on the fingering of the bagpipe chanter (Novice) * A quiz that trains your listening skills (Novice / Intermediate) * Basic music theory as well as information on how to hold the bagpipe chanter * All audio recordings as well as the handwriting by Allan MacDonald of Glenuig +++PRIVACY POLICY OF THE APP BAGPIPE BASICS+++ The app “Bagpipe Basics“ is published by Pìob is Ceòl UG (haftungsbeschränkt). The app is subject to the regulations of the respective app-store.  Our app does not collect personal data. Consequently, we cannot – and have no desire to – pass on any personal data of any user to third parties. Furthermore the app does not use any tracking tools. The app only uses the memory of your device to save the highscores you achieve in the learning games the app provides. Purchasing this app, especially the transfer of your financial data for the purchase process, is subject to the regulations of your provider. Your personal data required for the purchase and the installation of the app will not be processed by us but only by your provider. You can find its privacy policy here:
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