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Alfesani Group of Schools



Alfesani Group of Schools App is a service that helps you to give holistic achievements in education, be it academic or extra-curricular, full-time or vocational at one platform. Alfesani Group of Schools App represents all the scholastic activities which a student achieves during his student life. Alfesani Group of Schools App is an extension to the online profile of student on an android device, thus making you representable all the year round. It contains students school related information and academic performance details like Student Profile, Examinations Details, Attendance Records, circular and notices, communication sent to parent, etc. Alfesani Group of Schools Apps Benefits: • Provides Student Information to parents with an easy way to know what is going on. • Ensures parents always receive notes. • Help them to know the upcoming school events. • Staying connected with School • Better Communication Bridge with parents. How it Works: • Student Profile • Attendance Records • Daily Home - Work Notes • Examination Details • Exam Result Details • Student Progress Chart • School Daily Activities Details • SMS Message Repository • Co - curricular Activities details • Notice