The Sassy Heifer Boutique

The Sassy Heifer Boutique



My whole goal and drive with this business is to make women feel loved, good in their own beautiful skin, confident, & cute as ever with our items. For you to feel and be the best version of your true unapologetic self when wearing The Sassy Heifer. Western, sassy, & chic style is all me! Every piece we put out is my style & things i truly love. From the country raised girl in me to the sassy spunky boutique in me our style makes every part happy! I work day in and day out on the boutique & absolutely love it. It truly is my happy place & I think that also comes from having such sweet and amazing customers. Every single like, share, word of mouth, referral, comment, or purchase is so truly appreciated and helps support my dream and small business. When shopping small or local you are supporting a family and a little girl. Every single order we get makes me LITERALLY do a happy dance and scream with excitement a little. I always hope I can help you all find the best items for yourself and your fashion eye as well as letting you know that you are a goddess & a badass & you’ve totally got this crazy thing called life and get to wear the best clothes while doing it. All of my customers are truly like family to us because we love to meet new smiling faces all the time and connect.